Please first read the complete instructions before following the directions to install and activate your new Magento plugin/extension:

    1. The first step when installing a Magento extension is to unzip the folder where the extension is stored, and to copy the app folder into your store root directory using your FTP.
    2. Next, go to your Magento admin panel, and take the following 3 steps to make sure the installation is completed correctly:
      1. Verify that you have a current backup of your site or create one by going into system > tools > backup, in case anything goes wrong during the installation process.

      1. Disable compilations via system > tools > compilations. Clear the cache by going into system > cache management. Select all the files in the list, choose the
        refresh option from the dropdown menu, and finally click submit.

      1. Next, log out of your admin panel, and log back in again!
    1. Activate the Extension: Go to system > configuration. If the activation requires a license key, click on licenses on the left bar and enter your license key next to the extension name, which should appear in the list of recently installed extensions. License keys are provided by the extension developers when they are purchased. They are different from product keys, which are normally provided with free extensions on Magento Connect. After entering your license key, click on save config and wait to see an approval message confirming that the extension was installed and activated successfully.


To make sure the installation was completed correctly, go to advanced > developer. Under disable modules output, check that your newly installed extension appears in the list. If it does, your installation was completed successfully, and you are ready to accept payments via the MojoPay payment option! Now find the extension settings and start configuring them according to your preferences.