Never Give out Your Banking Credentials

I know it seems like an easy thing to say, however it happens more than you know.

Mojo Pay has been alerted that many banks are experiencing a high volume of fraud attempts at this time. We’d like to inform our customers to stay vigilant with these types of exploit attempts. We want to be sure you and your staff are not vulnerable to these attacks and do not divulge any information to the wrong party.

Please be on alert that you or your staff may receive a call that appears to be from a bank’s phone number asking for personal account information, including your username, password, account numbers, debit card information, etc.

Please remember your bank will never ask you for your password.

The criminals making these calls may provide fake details about potential fraud on your account to trick you into giving additional information. Their goal is to gather enough personal information to commit actual fraud on your account.If you receive one of these calls, do not provide any personal information. Immediately call the bank’s customer service center.


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